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We all wish things were easier, but if we stop to think about it, this is not the path to success, as so many common truisms tell us. In fact, things that are too easy are seldom appreciated, and the results are often well below expectations – “easy come, easy go” being a common phrase.

This is the reason that the third generation (after somebody has made a fortune) generally loses the money – things have been so easy they simply don’t appreciate what’s needed to keep a business / fortune going.

What is well established is that we need a degree of stress to perform at our best: look at the training top sports people go through, for example. Without pushing themselves, they wouldn’t develop the necessary ability to perform at their peak.

Similarly, we need to build “business muscles” if we’re going to get the best from ourselves and for our businesses.

Jim Rohn, the entrepreneur, author and speaker, really understood this – growing up on a farm in the American Midwest during the great depression would certainly have formed his commitment to hard work, self-discipline, and lifelong learning.

So, rather than wishing that things were easier, appreciate that you have the opportunity to build your “business muscles” and focus on making yourself and your business better, so you can continue to move ahead.

That way, you’ll be so much better-positioned for the next challenge and opportunity that comes along.


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