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Change is inevitable throughout life, and yet many people get really uncomfortable with it.

As well-known business author, speaker, trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer, says, the reaction to change is often a four-letter word, although it shouldn’t be.

Where would we be without change? No wheel, far less the everyday things we take for granted – electricity, clean water and the like. Of course, change is never a straight line, but more of a step-function of relatively big changes followed by periods of little change – when we become complacent.

And while it might seem that change is coming more quickly than ever before, this is really just an illusion, driven partly by the ready availability of information. Small changes might be happening more quickly because of this, but the large ones not, in my view.

In business, of course, we need to actively drive change. For how else can we maintain an edge, a USP, and keep our business on a growth trajectory? And if we can change things completely, rather than just improve them, we can gain a significant and longer-lasting edge – that step-function again.

So, rather than trying to avoid change, or to react negatively to it, we need to seek it out and be the drivers of change. Leading change is necessary to the success of our business.


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