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I love this quote from Zig Ziglar, the motivation speaker, author and salesman. Success – or altitude as it is used here – really is all about attitude.

Although aptitude plays a part, when all’s said and done, attitude will determine one’s success.

Look at all those ‘overnight’ success stories – if you dig down a bit you find that almost everyone was relentlessly working away at their dream, generally for many years and sometimes, even, decades, before achieving their goal and the recognition.

A successful attitude comes down to:

Belief – in the possibility of the goal, for without believing it can be done, it’s just impossible.

Commitment – to improve, to learn new skills that become important to achieving your goal. Lifelong learning is a hallmark of successful people.

Determination – to push through, no matter the obstacles that get in the way. Overcoming the failures along the road is essential.

Self-reliance – knowing you can rely on yourself to push through, to learn and to succeed. Recognising that your success is up to you and nobody owes it to you.

So, next time you’re having doubts, remember Zig Ziglar’s words and the BCDS of attitude. You can, and will, succeed with the right attitude.

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