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A major issue many of us face is the separation of vision and action, as the futurist and author, Joel Barker, captures so well.

How often do we hear grand expressions of a vision, and yet see no activity towards achieving it forthcoming? Politicians are probably the people we most associate with this.

On the other hand, we all know people who rush into every challenge without really thinking about where they’re going. Such impulsiveness generally ends badly.

So, when we have the next bright idea let’s be sure to first analyse how we can achieve it. We don’t need to go into it in minute detail – this would lead to ‘analysis paralysis.’ Rather, it’s about understanding the big picture and the major milestones we need to achieve along the way, and then starting towards the first one.

We need to combine the vision with appropriate action to achieve our goals – to change the world. History shows how effective this can be…


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