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About Guy

Coach, Consultant, Mentor & Advisory / N.E.D. Board Member

Guy has over 50 years’ experience across 3 continents covering technical (IT software & hardware), marketing and sales fields, culminating in 30+ years on boards at C-level.

He’s worked with businesses of all sizes from start-up to multinational, has started businesses, restructured them and grown them significantly (his largest growth being >100x in revenue, and twice that in profitability).

Guy is now bringing his unique set of experience, skills and knowledge to bear helping others, working with select SME clients to build businesses of lasting value.

If you’d like to find out whether Guy can help you…

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Guy Whitcroft – My Story

It sounds almost impossible to believe nowadays, but I grew up on a farm without electricity – we had paraffin lamps, fridge and deep freeze with a gas stove and a wood fire to heat water for the house. And yet, my first job was in the then still-young IT industry – one that could not exist without electricity.

In the more-than 50 years since I saw my first computer – a massive, noisy thing with just 20 000 characters of memory, no disk (just tape), two card readers and a printer, all running without an operating system – technology has changed the world enormously. But business continues to face many of the same challenges it always has.

Moving through the technical ranks and then into product management, marketing and sales gave me a solid grounding in all areas, and more than 30 years on boards has given me experience of all aspects of starting, growing and running businesses small to large. I’ve restructured businesses, bought and sold some, and grown them through very tough times and several recessions.

In one instance, I led a small, niche player in the IT distribution industry to regional dominance, not only setting new levels of revenue and profitability for the industry, but introducing many industry-first initiatives to fuel this growth.

I learnt how hard it was “at the top” of a business – there were many times I would have loved to have someone to talk to, discuss issues with and bounce ideas around – and today, I’m focused on working with business owners to be their sounding board, advisor and coach.

My goal is to help business owners move out of being, in effect, Employee #1 working IN their business to working primarily ON it and growing something of lasting value that they can exit at the appropriate time, or pass onto the next generation.

“This was an unsettling time for the company. Guy steadied the ship and instilled confidence in the management team. I enjoyed working with him and his insights.” – Heinz Stephan

“…very insightful, highly recommended for all company directors, and entrepreneurs seeking to establish a board for their company.” – David Murray

“I highly recommend any business owner, big or small, to check out BusinessFitness – it could really help your business and possibly save you a lot of future pain and money.” – Rachel Gregorowski 

“I would like to recommend Guy Whitcroft as a mentor. He has guided me through stressful business decisions and has been inspirational when it appeared as if everything has fallen apart.” – Gillian Adonis-Willcock

“I have no doubt I will be knocking on Guy’s doors many more times in the future for advice on all things business. And I would happily have him sit on my board as a Non-Executive Director.” – Robbie Clark

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Why Work With Me?

Quite simply – because I’ve been in your shoes.

I’ve not only had great experience of the various fields within a business (technical, marketing, sales, operations…) but 30+ years on boards, and successful navigation through several serious recessions. And my technology background means access to somebody to help guide you through this digital world.

I’ve in-depth knowledge of the Companies Act, too, so can work with you to help you make the best use of your board to really enhance your company.

I only work with people that I believe I can truly help, so if you’d like to see whether we might be able to work together, please take a moment to read this outline of the people I help, or simply:

It was a pleasure working with Guy, as he thrives on keeping up with the trends. He tends to challenge the leadership team by introducing innovative strategic elements to assist with accelerating growth in the business.” – Louise Taute

What I Can Do For Your Business

Strategy & Growth

Having a clear strategy that continues to evolve with changing market conditions is essential to successful long-term growth. One of the key elements of Business Fitness is developing and using the tools to ensure this.

Board Advisory & Mentoring

A vibrant board is key to a successful business. It sets the strategy plan and the tone for the business, provides independent oversight and opinion, brings additional experience and skills, reduces business risk and the cost of capital, ensures a professional management culture and positions the company for long-term growth. Business Fit boards have the right mix of skills and experience among the members. Do you?


Effective and efficient operations are at the heart of any business that is Business Fit. Are you confident that your operations are well structured, well understood and properly documented?

Director & Executive Training

The new Companies Acts in South Africa, the UK and elsewhere can present real challenges to business owners, directors and executives. Liabilities for acts of commission or omission can lead to loss of all assets and/or lengthy jail sentences. What’s more, properly constituted boards and board meetings add great value to businesses.

Business Fitness means ensuring directors, executives and shareholders understand their duties and what’s needed for effective governance.


From time to time many businesses need to restructure themselves, whether from an operational, market, financial or other perspective – or even a combination of these. An experienced hand can ensure the new structure is Business Fit. 


N.E.D. & Interim Services

All boards should have independent Non-Executive Directors, preferably a majority of them, to ensure objective input and oversight. And from time to time a business needs to fill an executive gap for a particular function or defined short time. Business Fitness is being able to call on NEDs and/or interim executives with the appropriate skills. Can you?

Technology Insights

Business Fitness means your business operating effectively and safely in this digital world. Are you confident in your systems, are they safe from intrusion and the problems this can cause, is your corporate data secure and can you continue to operate even if the power is out or disaster strikes? 

Mastermind Groups

It really is lonely at the top of a business. Who do you talk to about the challenges and opportunities, and what is their agenda? Mastermind groups are small groups of, typically, 10-15 executives with a range of skills and experience in non-competing businesses that tackle business issues in mentored discussion, supporting each other in this way. Executives that are Business Fit take advantage of Mastermind groups to enhance their business and skills. 

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