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I think we’re all guilty of this to varying degrees – we often tend to look first at the potential reward.

But, as Tony Hsieh, the founder and long-time leader of Zappos said, the real secret of success is for us to chase the vision.

If our vision is focused on helping our identified target market to solve a problem they are experiencing, and we are truly focused on this, success and the money will follow. We need to be focused on this vision and persistent in our efforts to achieve it.

To chase the vision means we will add value, create satisfied customers and enhance our own sense of self-worth and happiness.

If we put the money first, we often make short-term decisions and will be less likely to achieve our overall vision and the rewards that would come with this.

So, let’s be sure to chase the vision we have for our business and give this our focus and effort. The rest will follow.


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