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Many popular sayings talk about how passion for your work means you will succeed, and it won’t feel like you’re working, but this is far too simplistic.

Passion alone can never sustain you in business – you need to have a rich skill set, too: an edge that puts you above the rest of the herd.

As Carl Newport found, and wrote about in his book So Good They Can’t Ignore You, those seeking passion in their jobs often become disillusioned and hop around. By putting in the hard work and developing the skills necessary for success, you will also develop the satisfaction of being excellent at something valuable and the passion for what you do.

And, of course, as I previously wrote about here, leaders with a rich skill set are also typically among the best performers with the most satisfied employees.

So, don’t rely on passion alone to carry your business through. It takes hard work and skill – and the passion will follow.


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