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This quote from Tony Robbins is so true – so often, we focus on the potential difficulties of what they will have to go through to reach their goals and, like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights, are stunned into inaction.

Focus instead on how you’ll feel at the end, when you’ve achieved your goals, and you will find the path becomes very much easier, and the hurdles will have been smaller.

It really is a question of perspective – being able to look backwards at the path you have travelled, rather than ahead to the fear or uncertainty of what could lie ahead.

And if, for some reason, you do fall at one of the hurdles on the route, put this down as a learning experience, pick yourself up and, as that school in Chicago did for those not passing an exam, give yourself a “Not Yet” grade rather than a Fail, and carry on, keeping the end in sight.

Just imagine how great you’ll feel once you’re there!


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