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The thing about human nature is we’re hard-wired to be pessimistic, to see the problems. Were we not, the human race would probably have not survived, as psychologist Dr Martin Seligman says. We need to see potential problems before they arise so we can plan for them.

This explains why your team will naturally come to you with problems, and why they will follow leaders who best define a great vision for the future – they see those leaders as having a plan to overcome any obstacles that might occur.

As a leader, though, you want to encourage your team to always present you with their thoughts on possible solutions when they raise a problem.

Not just to save your time and energy (many of the problems will be small if you simply encourage them to come to you with each and every one, and not really worth your time and attention), but for their own self-development, too. And, of course, solutions enable one to move forward rather than stalling, while limiting the time spent dwelling on the problem, with the negative energy that this can create.

So, as Tony Robbins says, while we need to be aware of our problems, we must devote our energy to the solutions. It’s simply good for everyone.

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