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We need to stop being scared of bad decisions. Everyone makes them from time to time. Failure is part of learning and moving ahead.

Arianna Huffington, named by both Time and Forbes as one of the world’s most influential people, certainly did not let 36 rejections of her second book in her 20s deter her: she learnt from this and has now successfully published 15 books, amongst other notable career successes, including co-founding The Huffington Post at the age of 55.

Too often, we over-analyse a situation, afraid of making a mistake and this ‘analysis paralysis’ means we miss the opportunity completely as somebody else takes advantage of it.

Take action, but always remain open to changing direction as conditions demand. In fact, Silicon Valley VCs are more likely to fund somebody who’s failed before than somebody that hasn’t on the basis that they’d have learnt something that doesn’t work and are more likely to create something that does, now.

It’s a lesson worth remembering. Embrace occasional failure as a necessary step on the road to success.


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