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Lee Iacocca, who led both Ford and Chrysler during his career, clearly understood business. As he said, although people, product and profits are the elements of business operations, you’ve got to have a good team for the other two to work properly.

Too often, though, executives still pay more attention to those two than that critical people part.

And, with “The Great Resignation” firmly underway, your people have more opportunities than ever if you don’t look after them.

If your plans for 2022 don’t centre around a positive people-focused culture for your business, you could find them being badly disrupted. And remember, when looking at your culture, that your customers and suppliers are people, too, and need to be looked after.

One thing the pandemic has highlighted is that although more contact is virtual and more business conducted online than ever before, teams need stronger than ever levels of interaction with the business leadership (something very few businesses are yet doing well), and your customers and suppliers want personal contact, too – as the stats in this article show.

And remember, too, as Vaughn Aust said, “Happy employees lead to happy customers, which leads to more profits.

Have a close look at your organisation and your 2022 plans and make sure you’re building a great team so you can be successful with your products to boost profits.


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