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Vaughn Aust really captures this succinctly – if your team is happy, it’s going to be a lot more productive, and will be giving the right message to your customers, too, making them happier, and leading to a more profitable business.

Often, executives are entirely focused on the customers and can undermine employees in the process of pushing for better survey results from customers.

But this is like putting all your weight on one end of a seesaw and expecting it to balance and work properly. It just cannot. Similarly, focusing entirely on your employees could lead to a level of customer neglect. You have to ensure balance – happy team on one side and happy customers on the other.

With more staff admitting to working at less than half their potential than at their full potential, and up to 45% of staff leaving their jobs because of “bad management” it’s pretty clear that most businesses have a large number of unhappy employees. Addressing this will not only reduce business costs though better productivity and lower staff turnover, but happier customers buy more and mean better profits for the company, too.

Is your team happy and motivated, or is there work to be done here?


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