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How many times have you heard a manager or executive say they don’t believe they get the respect they deserve?

In my nearly 50 years in business, it’s something I’ve heard a lot. The fact is that respect is earned, not given, and leading is something you do, rather than about a title or position.

Adam Contos, CEO of RE/MAX, one of the world’s biggest real-estate franchise companies with almost 150 000 agents world-wide, summed this up well in the quote above.

To be a true leader means leading by your actions, guiding the company through sometimes stormy waters with a clear and well-communicated vision and purpose, being concerned for your team, as well as your customers, suppliers and the wider community, and setting the tone for the business and its culture through their behaviour.

Leaders do not operate in isolation, or just tell people what to do, but lead by example; they’re an integral part of the bigger team that makes up the business.

With just 15% of people working at their full potential, and the leading cause of people leaving jobs being poor management, good leaders really make a difference to the business.

Think about your own business. Have you checked the ‘temperature’ in it recently? If not, perhaps it would be good to do – you might get some valuable insights.


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