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Have you ever had a great experience and thought, “Wow – that was excellent, how did they do it?”

The fact is, this was not so much special skills at play, but a special attitude.

When you set out to do the best you can, to give your customers the best-possible experience, deliver great value it’s your attitude that makes these special moments happen.

And special moments make us want to experience that again – to return to the restaurant or shop, take that ride, or whatever. This is where listening to our customers is so critical.

Yes, skills training is really important – we want to ensure our team is so well trained they’re the envy of our competitors – but attitude is even more important. Wouldn’t you rather deal with somebody that has a great attitude and really tries to understand what you need, than an ‘expert’ who is unpleasant?

We need to always remember that a single transaction is a very small part of the value of a customer – paying attention to their ‘lifetime value’ is how our business flourishes. If we give them a great experience every time, they’ll keep coming back.

And, on those (hopefully!) rare occasions when we don’t get it right, we need to go out of our way fix it. Often our strongest advocates are those where we’ve fixed a problem.

And this is what excellence is about – attitude, rather than just skill.




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