Unfortunately, this is all too true – so few companies/people go the proverbial extra mile, and many don’t even get to the finish.

A recent example: my wife and I booked a food & wine experience at the nearby branch of a well-known restaurant group. It was awful – from the arrival procedure to the first course (a welcome amuse bouche with a drink). Not only was it clear they were completely unprepared, despite good bookings, but the drink (not properly chilled bubbles) arrived 20 minutes before the poorly-executed amuse bouche.

At this point we left.

I wrote, constructively expressing my unhappiness. After waiting several days for a response, escalated it to head office. Two days later, a formulaic response offering no apology. I then requested a refund which was given (bank transfer, no other response).

Will I ever go back? Will I suggest others go? Never!

And yet, they had the opportunity to show they understood and were concerned. The issues were easily fixable to avoid a repeat.

Potential cost to the business for my wife and me alone, excluding “influence” losses – at least R5000 per annum. And at a time when restaurants are in trouble, too!


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