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How many companies realise this really important lesson?

I had a recent bad experience at a well-known restaurant – an ‘event’ that was poorly organised and run, missed expectations by miles and resulted in my wife and I leaving after the canapes rather than endure the rest of the evening.

Rather than blast them through social media, I sent an email to the management detailing our experience.

Response? Nothing!

Sent a follow-up some days later to head office and had a formulaic response from an ‘area manager.’ Clearly no real interest in their customers. To date, still nothing from restaurant management.

Will I ever return? No. Will I encourage anyone else to go? No.

If you have an unhappy customer, this represents a great opportunity to gain a strong advocate if you handle it well. In fact, formerly unhappy customers can become your best customers as they care enough to let you know.

Welcome reports of poor service – they show you how to make your business stronger.


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