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A great way to put the old adage about having two ears and one mouth and using them in proportion…

As executives, too often we not only believe we have all the answers, but do so without taking input from others – after all, we’re leading the company for a reason: we know stuff!

The fact is, that leadership is more like being the captain of a ship: you’re not the best engineer, the best navigator, the best loader, and so on; your job is to utilise your crew of the best resources in each area to the best effect, just like the conductor of an orchestra does.

By taking the time to listen to your team – at all levels in your business – as well as your customers and your suppliers, you will understand better where the problems and the opportunities to improve lie. As a CEO, I made a point of spending time listening to my team, customers and suppliers at all levels and they gave me ideas for many of the best initiatives we implemented.

Don’t be too busy to listen – it really is gold for your business.


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