Overwhelm is something most of us feel at times – there’s simply not enough time to get things done. But is it really a lack of time, or is it rather a lack of direction, of focus?

One of the early, and best-known motivational speakers and author of more than 30 books, Zig Ziglar, summed this up nicely.

Often, when I’m talking with people in business, I find they’re focused on the wrong thing, spending their time on the small details, rather than the main drivers of the business. Let your team worry about the small stuff – the leader’s job is to set the direction and ensure the actions are moving the business to the goals.

Remember the concepts of BHAG and OMG – great leaders know what their long-term and near-term goals are, they keep this front-of-mind for the business and ensure all actions move the business towards them.

So, if you’re feeling stressed and not getting things done, have a close look at what is taking your time. Delegate the small, less-important stuff and focus on ensuring you’re working ON the business, towards your OMG and, ultimately, BHAG.

After all, “Are you running a busyness or a business?


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