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Reading an article the other day about company mission, vision and values, it was brought home to me how often the staff in a business don’t know these – or have only a very cursory knowledge of them.

To recap:

  • Vision is ‘the better world’ you see for the future of your business and stakeholders;
  • Mission is about what the business does today, with whom and how;
  • Values are the principles and beliefs at the core of the business.

Without a clear understanding of, and commitment to, all three aspects by everyone in the business, there’s no hope of success, and yet while many companies might have one or more of these items on a wall somewhere, their staff don’t really understand them. 

Mission and values need to be reinforced all the time, at all levels, by thought, word and deed, while the vision can be brought into your company meetings, staff appraisals and wherever else you or your management are discussing the road ahead.

To use an analogy, your business is less about you in the driving seat with a lot of passengers, and more about a convoy of different vehicles able to support each other in all conditions to ensure that everyone reaches the destination in a great shape.

And to do this, they all need to know where they’re going and how they’re going to get there.


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