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A remarkable man, Benjamin Franklin, and a true polymath. Although most widely known as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, he was so much more than this: scientist, inventor, businessman, newspaper editor, and more, despite his formal schooling finishing at the age of just 10 due to insufficient family funds for more.

No wonder he was such a staunch advocate of investing in one’s own continuing education.

Successful business leaders never stop learning.

Whether by reading, taking courses, speaking with experts in various fields, being attentive to changing patterns in their markets and the world as a whole, or just being curious about everything around them, they learn something new each day.

And this desire to learn coupled with a desire to spread their knowledge makes them great.

It promotes innovation, continuous improvement in their business, pattern recognition (so important in strategy), development of others and a desire for excellence, for they never believe they have achieved enough: there’s always more to learn and do.

Are you scheduling time into your day to think, to learn and to continue to develop your own skills?


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