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Are you getting enough “Me Time`?”  It’s essential to your success.

As business owners, we generally find our time is not our own, as we’re pulled from one urgent task to another throughout the day. And while an open-door policy is great for leaders, this just adds to the stresses of not getting your own tasks done.

Often, in fact, the only time we get to work on our task list is after hours – making for long days, neglected tasks and frustration – at work and at home.

Take a look at your calendar – do you schedule time each day that is reserved for you? This “Me Time” is vital: it improves productivity, enhances your leadership and reduces stress considerably.

Productivity is improved through you being able to spend focused time ON your business and getting your own tasks completed.

Leadership is enhanced as you are not being pulled in all directions at once with small matters, can focus on the big issues and your team learn to make more decisions on their own.

Stress is reduced because you can work through your own tasks in good time, chart a clear path for your business, and spend more personal time to unwind. Much of our best thinking and ideas come from when we’re destressed, as those brilliant thoughts that come to us in the shower demonstrate.

So, make sure you schedule “Me Time” every day, and close your door for that period. You’ll not only boost your business but feel happier and less stressed, too.


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P.S. You might also like to check out this infographic to see why “Me Time” matters for your happiness.

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