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What great words from the late Jim Rohn, a great American entrepreneur, author and speaker, succinctly showing the value of continued self-education.

While there’s no question of the value of education, there is equally no question that it needs to continue throughout your life if you’re to be truly successful.

Look at some of the great tech entrepreneurs – including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and many others who never finished university. But, it’s not just tech entrepreneurs, but people from many walks of life including the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, engineer and architect R. Buckminster Fuller and two US presidents, who are on this list.

What is clear, though, is the value of continuing to learn – to self-educate yourself – for success. The fact is that most university courses are based around textbooks and other materials that are often a decade or more old and cannot keep pace with development. This effectively means that without updating your knowledge you’re out of date on the day you get your degree.

And for real success, open your mind to learning about different fields and topics. Often, the best ideas come from a different discipline which you can then apply in some way to your business and give it an edge that nobody else had thought of, to build a new model. It’ll certainly make you a better leader.

And even if you’re not running your own business, by not continuing to learn, you risk falling behind in your chosen profession and might even find yourself out of work. Conversely, a passion for learning, for self-education, could propel you to the top of your field, or to your own business.

Take the time to continually invest in yourself, and to encourage your team to do the same – you’ll be very pleased you did.


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