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A fascinating study by a team at Australia’s RMIT University showed a clear correlation between work environment and productivity / concentration. Findings included:

  • Office temperatures below 22.5C had a noticeably negative impact – especially as the day progressed.
  • High CO2 levels (occupant density, insufficient fresh ventilation) also had a strongly negative effect.
  • The ambient noise levels can significantly impact this, as has been shown in many previous studies.
  • Many people have preferred areas in their offices and not being able to sit there greatly increased their sensitivity to environmental factors, decreasing concentration / productivity.
  • Meetings – those with less than 5 formal meetings a day do better than those with 5 or more, while informal meetings are also a source of distraction.

As you look at your office environment, how many of these factors contribute to less-than-optimal performance for your team?

And, of course, for those now working from home, how many of these factors potentially play a role there, and what other factors need to be considered – and remember, video-based meetings are still meetings?


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