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Times are tough!

Business is slow!

Money’s in short supply!

However, the old saying, “Goedkoop is duurkoop” has never been more appropriate.

It’s at times like this that business owners often pull in their horns and, even more than before, try to do everything themselves, to save money on employees and contractors.

But the world is changing, and your business needs to adapt to this new order, and to do so fast if it’s to survive. Taking on all the tasks and becoming Employee #1 is even more dangerous today; you need to be focusing ON your business, not working IN it.

As the leader of the business you need to be understanding the problems and delegating the solutions to these, you need to be looking at your future direction and the appropriate strategy, the “big picture” person.

You cannot be focused on day-to-day activities – this is time you’re not spending on building your business.

Delegate to staff, get in outside help, hire virtual assistants – just get out from under the yoke of trying to do everything yourself. And if you’re stuck – get a coach to help you though it…

Your business depends on you successfully taking it forward into its new future.


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