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It’s all very well having determined a new strategy for these times, but is your business really set up for success?

By this, I mean is your team configured to succeed?

Alden Mills, in his book “Unstoppable Teams,” talks about the need to have your team members equipped with seven traits: Competence, Perspective, Communication, Drive, Humility, Flexibility and Selflessness.

In other words, they need to be willing and able to continue to enhance their skills while drawing on their previous experiences, able to explain while also being good listeners and being open to new ideas, have a strong “can-do” attitude and yet able to put others first.

Central to this is the CARE loop – Connect, Achieve, Respect and Empower – an approach every leader should adopt if they are to be successful.

So, as you enter this new year, evaluate your team and determine what more is needed for them to be unstoppable, then give them the tools to allow your business to flourish.


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