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Wise words, indeed, from this self-made billionaire and Shark Tank investor. After all, he’s proved over the years that he can spot opportunity…

As we continue to live in these difficult and unusual times, we should all be taking time to look around at the opportunities opening up, rather than – as is too easy to do – focusing only on the problems with our existing business.

Many of the world’s best-known business have emerged from difficult times, as I’ve previously written about, so this represents a great time to give your business added impetus and additional opportunities for growth and more success.

Ensure you at least have this as an agenda item on your – hopefully, especially nowadays – monthly board meeting and strongly consider, too, taking a board ‘strategy day’ to sit with the executive team. This will give you time to really brainstorm and explore the possible opportunities that these times bring, while not forgetting the potential left-of-field threats to your existing business while doing this exercise.

Your business will be all the stronger and fitter for doing so.


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