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I read this great (short) article in Inc today on an interview with Elon Musk.

The bottom line?

He feels “The MBA-ization of America” has led to far too much time being spent in meetings and on financials, and far too little on what really matters – the products that can lead to having strong financials…

As he said, business leaders should “step back a second and ask, is your product as awesome as it could be? Probably not. What can you do to make it great?”

This, of course, is what he did this year, focusing on his Tesla 3 and ensuring he could meet his production and other targets, and so moving his share price from around $85 at the start of 2020 to well over $600 now.

So, ask yourself, “Is my product or service what I truly want it to be, and how can I make it even better?” Spend less time in meetings and financial analysis (focus on the basics like cash flow and profitability, of course) and more time on the thing(s) that can really take your company to a new level.


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