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Why is it that so many leaders – business and political – seem afraid of taking action?

As Seth Godin says, doing nothing at all seems to be the most common path, but it’s is the one almost guaranteed to end badly.

We see daily reports of inactivity leading to chaos, whether in the country or business, and “No Comment” seems to be the most frequent response when questions are asked.

The importance of taking action is that once you’re mobile you’re making progress and can see where things are going. If it becomes clear you need to change direction, you can, but at least you now have the momentum to make changes happen.

Sitting and waiting in the hope of some sort of inspiration as to ‘the right way’ means that, even if it does come, you will have to start things up which always takes longer and often means missing the objective completely.

So, gather the necessary information and take action. Change your path as/if necessary, but keep moving. You’ll be far better off than by doing nothing.


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