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Is Your Business Worth What It Should Be?

Or, do you believe your hard work is under-valued?

“Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money.” – Joe Karbo

Business owners often feel frustrated at not being able to get away from the day-to-day issues and at the slow progress of the growth of their business.

In many cases they feel trapped in their business and unable to exit it, unable even, sometimes, to take a holiday as the business depends on their presence.

The problem is that they are, in effect, “Employee #1,” spending all their time working IN their business instead of working ON it to build lasting value.

Being able to effectively work ON your business starts in the boardroom.

As section 66 of the Companies Act states, the business and affairs of a company must be managed by, or under the direction of, its board, so the proverbial buck stops there.

Board Meetings are a key component of a successful business, rather than just a “tick the box” exercise, and well-governed companies attract valuation premiums of as much as 40%, while being more robust and profitable, and more easily able to attract investment, key talent and lower costs of borrowing through reduced risk.

Furthermore, the “new” Companies Act codifies the duties of directors* and the penalties that could follow if these duties are not performed properly. These penalties can include unlimited liability for any losses and damages suffered by anyone in connection with the company, meaning a clear understanding of these duties is essential.

Powerful Company Directorship is a 4-module interactive course that, in less than 6 hours, takes you through what’s needed to make your board and your board meetings effective, together with an understanding of the duties of directors, giving you the tools necessary to put your business on a path to sustained value growth.

The course runs over 4 weeks, with a single 60–90-minute module a week conducted on an interactive video platform, meaning no time lost to travel, so optimising the use of your time while ensuring a personalised interactive experience in a class size of no more than 20 people.

Course materials include recordings of the sessions and copies of the slide presentations.

The course was developed, and is presented, by Guy Whitcroft – you can view his bio here and his LinkedIn profile here.

*  “Directors” includes Executive and Non-Executive Directors, Board Committee Members and other Prescribed Officers within a company

“Having completed the Powerful Company Directorship course, I highly recommend it. The content and real-life insights are invaluable in understanding the requirements as per the Company Act as well as implementing measures to ensure that the Board and Board meetings, in particular runs effectively. So, whether you own a business or not this will provide you with an advantage in your professional career.”

Michael Reed

“Powerful Company Directorship … was incredibly useful to me as while I have done a BCom and an MBA, none of these courses ever give you any practical and useful information about the roles and responsibilities of being a director of a company, while Guy’s course does exactly this. I would highly recommend Guy and his course for anyone who is a director of a company and needs to understand what is expected from them!”

Ryan Smit

The Powerful Company Directorship course includes:

Session 1

  • Overview of course
  • The Way Things Were & What’s Changed
  • The Three Jackets Rule – Shareholder, Board Member, Executive Manager
  • The Role of the Board

Session 2

  • Board Composition
  • The Board Calendar
  • Board Meetings – Preparation
  • Board Meetings – in Action

Session 3

  • Common Law & the Companies Act 2008
  • The Business Judgement Rule
  • Limitations on Directors’ Powers
  • Liabilities of Directors
  • Removal of Directors

Session 4

  • Importance of Bold Decisions in the boardroom
  • Review, Open Q&A Session
  • Conclusion and Summary

“I highly recommend any business owner, big or small, to check out BusinessFitness – it could really help your business and possibly save you a lot of future pain and money.”

Rachel Gregorowski

“Having attended the Powerful Company Directorship course by Guy, it is very apparent that all new Directors should take this course. Even if you have been a director for a number of years, you will find valuable insights. Risk, negligence, Shareholder/Director duties and responsibilities, how to set up a board and more.”

Marjoury Zondo

“The course itself was so much more than a purely academic recitation of the Companies Act and other regulatory aspects as relates to Directors most importantly, as well as Share and other Stakeholder parties. It was highly interactive, which made understanding what Guy was explaining that much easier to grasp… Guy made his subject matter applicable to each and all, and questions were welcome anytime and answers reciprocated.”

Robbie Clark

“…very insightful, highly recommended for all company directors, and entrepreneurs seeking to establish a board for their company.”

David Murray

For a small investment of under 6 hours over a month, and just R2500 + VAT, set your business on the path to sustained, profitable value growth while reducing your personal risk in the business, too.

Can you afford not to?

To sign-up for the next course, ask for more information or if you have further questions, email Guy here


You can also download Powerful Company Directorship brochure here.


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