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I have to agree with the author and artist, Heather Stillufsen – Mondays are great!

I’ve never understood why businesses often seem to have sales meetings on Friday afternoons: not only are people often tired and easily distracted, they’ve probably forgotten the messages by Monday morning. Far better to have a short, focused high-energy get together early on Monday so everyone is energised and ready for the week ahead…

At the risk of being shot down for this, I’ve always loved Mondays – for me it’s about facing a whole new week of activities and possibilities, so time to move things forward, to take the proverbial bull by the horns and make it happen.

So, time to move from Boomtown Rats’, ‘I don’t like Mondays’ to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Monday Mornings’ with its opening line, “Monday morning you sure look fine.”


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