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Leaders – Do You Think Like a Scientist?

Wharton professor Adam Grant, in his new book, Think Again, has been looking at how we utilise various styles of thinking and which are best for different situations, concluding that one particularly powerful one is not used nearly enough. Too often, it seems, we...

“Sunshine all the time makes a desert.” – Arab Proverb

There are, of course many versions of this proverb, but all have one thing in common – the underlying belief that we need a degree of adversity for success, which is why 90% of family fortunes in America are squandered by the end of the third generation: life is just...

Passion Alone Won’t Make Your Business Successful

Many popular sayings talk about how passion for your work means you will succeed, and it won’t feel like you’re working, but this is far too simplistic. Passion alone can never sustain you in business – you need to have a rich skill set, too: an edge that puts you...

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